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The Team at 1&2 Productions are one of the most talented we have ever worked with in our 20 years of music production expertise. What I love about working with them is their musical versatility and their reliability. They always deliver top notch productions and compositions with an international hit quality that not many musicians are able to produce. Plus they are a bunch of great guys.


Roman Camenzind -  Executive Producer, CEO

Hitmill (Switzerland)

1 & 2 Productions have assisted us on numerous occasions and helped us out with amazing productions and mix-downs for a.o. our songwriters/artists Menno Reyntjes (Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music, Spinnin Records, Armada Music) and Rowen Reecks (Spinnin Records, Flashover Recordings). The boys are true professionals in their field of operations, deliver quick and walk the extra mile to get the job done.  If there’s a top notch singer needed to enhance the vocals, they provide that as well. Class!


Niels Pijpers - Creative Director 

Strengholt Music Group

(The Netherlands)

For a DJ and Producer the most important  things are to find talented writers/musicians/producers to bring your music to the next level. You just can't do it all yourself. When you find super talented people who are also super professional, that's almost like winning the lottery!  So that's what happened when we met the crew of 1and2 Productions. Can't wait to finish our next songs and projects in the near future. So much fun to work on music with these guys! 


Plastik Funk - DJ Producer (Germany)

1 & 2 Productions helped us by getting a production from sub-level to Major release level. 1 & 2 Productions helps translate the creative demo process into a release with global potential.


Joeri Lodders - CEO, Manager

Dance Therapy Management

(The Netherlands)

I love working with the 1 and 2 boys!  It’s always very inspiring, creative and super effective!“


Mikio Gruschinske - Director of A&R

We-Play Music (Germany)

Since the first minute I started working with these guys, I was totally impressed by their composition and production skills! Their unique sound is a perfect blend of both old-school analogue and latest digital flavour. These guys are super professional, straight to the point and great human beings.


Andy Prinz - A&R, Label Manager

Musikvertrieb AG (Switzerland)